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About Us

Entertainment reigns king at Hoyle. Customers look to Hoyle for fun, yet challenging games suitable for the whole family. A few of our most popular Hoyle titles include:

  • HOYLE Miami Solitaire
  • Hoyle Casino Games 2012
  • Hoyle Classic Card Game Collection
  • Hoyle Puzzle & Board Games 2012
  • Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles
  • The Hoyle Difference

    Gaming fun begins with Hoyle. We are best known for card games but provide other quality entertainment too. Hoyle takes pride in keeping customers happy and coming back for more with gaming title topics, including:

  • Card Games
  • Casino Games
  • Slots
  • Puzzles
  • Mini Game Packs
  • Action and Mystery Games
  • Great Games Galore!

    Play your best game with Hoyle! Find old favorites and discover a world of new titles too. The Hoyle.com website is quick and easy to use.

    Take a look at what is on sale now. Keep up with new promotions and special offers through Hoyle email offers. It only takes a minute to sign up to keep up to date and save money, too!

    Viva Media Games

    To give you even more great gaming possibilities, Hoyle has a new partnership with Viva Media. The award-wining interactive company brings a tradition of excellence to every title. From a selection of games of covering everything from chess, puzzles, simulation, action, adventure and more, you will find entertainment for the whole family.

    Check out the impressive lineup of games on viva.com. Choose from more than 100 quality, high-standard, multi-media titles.

    The Rules of the Game

    Have you ever wondered how to play Bridge, Canasta, Hearts or Poker? It is easy to find card game rules “according to Hoyle” with the option selections provided on the Hoyle rules page. Find the rules for all your favorite card games.

    Known as the authority on gaming rules for more than 200 years, Hoyle shares generations of playing guidelines and rules with the Game Rules Finder. It’s easier to play the game if you know the rules, according to Hoyle!

    U.S. Playing Card Co. History

    As part of the United States Playing Card Co. family, the Hoyle brand reigns as a lead player in the family entertainment software market. Other USPC brands include Bee®, Bicycle®, Aviator® and many more.

    Founded in 1867, the USPC ranks the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of playing cards. The company leads the North American market in the production of poker chips, poker sets, collectible tins, puzzles and card accessories.

    USPC is part of the gaming business on a global scale. Casinos worldwide rely on USPC for premium playing cards.

    About Encore Software Inc.

    Encore is a leading interactive publisher and developer of PC and Mac software. As a result of key licensing and development partnerships, Encore offers a wide range of best-selling print, productivity, home design and entertainment titles. Principal brands include Broderbund’s The PrintShop and PrintMaster, Hoyle, Viva Media and Punch! Software.

    Publishing channels include all major North American retailers and worldwide digital distribution. Encore also sells direct to consumer through its managed sites:

    Encore is a Wynit Company and is located in Eden Prairie, MN.